Thanks For Banning Me. Life Just Got Simpler.

being banned

The ubiquitousness of spam on the internet, and the resulting behaviors by those combatting it, has really made me want to just retreat to my safe domain and live online here and here only. My property, my content, my ideas, done. After going through my feed reader and finding a few more interesting posts, […]

Add Me To Your Email Whitelist

bad cat

When I sign up for an email newsletter, I’m often asked to add the email to my whitelist. Do people ever do this? Boldly, I will say no. Never. Not once. If your email doesn’t make it through my spam filter, it’s a sign from God that it wasn’t meant to be. I know my […]

If I Could, I Would Read Blogs Like This

Please | Julie R Neidlinger

If I could, I would read a blog like this. The look. The content. The meandering through ideas and philosophy and music. No helpful productivity tips. No five steps to make my life better. Not a thing that can be labeled as overtly useful. It says “read these interesting things” and whispers “it’ll make your […]

The Great Interruption And The Squeaky Wheels

green girl

The world doesn’t need another woman who won’t shut up. But I do get tired of being cut off in mid sentence because I’m speaking slower than the current state of auctioneer speech where people speak about ten seconds ahead of their thoughts and reap the whirlwind. I’m not going to fight you to be […]

So I Guess You Didn’t Read The Post, Then

no guest blogging

For whatever reason, this person both emailed me and left a blog comment of the same message. See the image below: Do you notice any irony in this? It was a comment meant for a post about things you shouldn’t do in regards to guest blogging, with a post slug of “no guest blogging.” I […]

Plumbing The Depths Of A Tired Populace

Gee, People | Julie R Neidlinger

Like walking, which is done one step in front of the other, I have found life to be putting one day in front of the other. While lying on my couch after another long day, feet up, mind both filled with ideas for the future and the necessity of right now, I realized how easy […]